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Indie Singer-songwriter   ·   Music Producer   ·   Birth Chart Reading

I am an indie-folk singer-songwriter and a music producer.

I write songs to heal people. Stars, moon, hill, river, sun, crickets…

There’s where we find happiness. My lyrics are simple but display

a deeper meaning, that offer people inspiration and life wisdom.


2021 Golden Frontier Award - 1st Prize, Best Composition, Best Performance

2020 RTM Bintang Ai 2020 - Top 10 Finalist

2020 Taiwan Singer Songwriting Competition - 2nd Prize

2019 Taiwan New String Award - 2nd Prize

2019 Taiwan SheWo Singing Competition - 2nd Prize

Eiva Qian is an indie-folk singer-songwriter. She sees songwriting as a healing art that allows people to connect with themselves, nature and the universe. Lyrics are simple and display a deeper meaning, they also instill the philosophy of life. Her unique voice brings you the endless freedom from the houses of mountain, rivers and to the moon.

Bringing you closer to home.


I write, compose, produce and mix songs,

including Ringtone, Jingle, Commercial Song, Ad Theme Song.

I provide my own vocal for the song.

The types of songs I have been worked on are

"Happy, Uplifting, Inspiring, Warm, Positive".

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My Services

Hello Clients, you can find out the details of my services

provided by clicking "read more".




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